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Shipped fast, personalized Christmas Tree Ornament - Personalized just for you!

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Personalized snowflake Christmas ornament; ready to adorn your Christmas tree upon receipt - great for wreath and other decorations too!

Our snowflake ornament is personalized to your specification, ready for you to attach a ribbon or ornament hanger and adorn your Christmas tree. Your "Name That Toon" cartoon, measuring approximately 3", is centered within our 5-1/2" acrylic snowflake ornament. This decorative ornament features crystal clear acrylic in the center, with frosted acrylic on the branches of the snowflake.  Ribbon &/or ornament hanger not included, though our staff tries to sneak in a little piece of ribbon in the package when available.

Photos are for representative purposes only. Please note that, like our other products, our Christmas ornaments are created upon order, so your caricature scene may have white-space and/or be cropped slightly different than shown. This item is designed to be somewhat nostalgic in nature, representing a snapshot in time. Text in the background or far away from the main character in the scene may be reduced in size or cropped, (this is nothing to fret about, it actually looks really good). Ornament will be single sided unless you specifically ask for both sides to be designed.

Không cần phải lo lắng, chúng tôi là những chuyên gia ... In hoàn hảo đã cung cấp các cảnh biếm họa thân thiện trong hơn 15 năm và chúng tôi nằm trong số rất ít doanh nghiệp chấp nhận trả lại và / hoặc trao đổi về quà tặng cá nhân của chúng tôi. Chúng tôi sẽ không gửi một món hàng cho bạn trừ khi đó là thứ chúng tôi muốn cho chính mình.




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