Cafe Press

Printed Perfection is proud to announce that we have partnered with Cafe Press, allowing us to present aa seemingly endless line of new gift items and useful products that you will love.
If you haven't yet visited our adorable little Cafe Press Storefront, you can visit us here... our Cafe Press store, please check it out!
Below are some commonly asked questions regarding our Cafe Press partnership.

How can I shop Printed Perfection's designs on Cafe Press?

Our Cafe Press storefront is very easy to navigate. Our Friendly Folks scenes are sorted by category or collection; each Friendly Folks scene has its own category. You can either browse by category, or use the search function to search by name.

All of our cartoon scenes are available on any Cafe Press product. If you do not see an item that you are interested in please let us know.  


Please note that our Cafe Press storefront is a work in progress, and products will continually be added, as Cafe Press offers new products.


I already know which Friendly Folks scene I want, but I cannot find it on Cafe Press, or I want it personalized beyond what Cafe Press offers.

All of our designs are (or will be) available on Cafe Press.  Our Cafe Press store organized by design, representing each of our cartoon scenes.

Therefore, the easiest way to find what products are available for a certain design (or cartoon scene) is to search for it by name, using the search function.

We are happy to personalize your cartoon scene beyond what Cafe Press offers, just let us know what cartoon scene you're interested in and which products you'd like it available on. We will work with you until your Friendly Folks caricature scene is fully personalized to your specifications, and then we will make the artwork available for you to add to any product available on Cafe Press' website.

Similar to above, if the product that you would like to purchase is not available on Cafe Press' website, please let us know.



Since this page is all about Cafe Press, we won't mention anything about our Zazzle store on this page.