Accountant - Male

The man has a way with numbers. It's magical!

The perfect gift for anyone that works with numbers, whether he is an accountant, bookkeeper, number cruncher, auditor, bean counter, financial advisor, investment banker, tax preparer, payroll clerk or salesman.

Something different, definitely unique and personalized for the man that can find his way through the adding tape to get to the bottom line. Perhaps he is a car salesman, insurance auditor or works in risk management. Maybe he prepares taxes or handles accounting for a large firm. Or, maybe he is an investor or runs a property management company. If numbers are his passion, this cartoon is sure to please, especially once you add personalization that makes it unique to him.

This Friendly Folks cartoon caricature is suitable for many different occupations - any position that requires working with numbers. Our founder was once a bean counter, and this is her favorite cartoon!  Most people think accounting is boring; that is, most people that are not in the field. Those that work with numbers find specialty gifts hard to find, so this is definitely a winner!

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